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I Couldn’t Resist April 3, 2007

Posted by Norman in Uncategorized.

I know this is a class blog, but I found this link on the “new” video site Vimeo. I don’t know how the person did it, but it’s entertaining (and short, which is good). Combine the Wii and a camera on your phone and this is what you get.

It’s in French.  Well, the text is.  You don’t need to know any foreign languages (except the Nintendo) in order to get it.

les Wiimotes controlent les chats ! on Vimeo



1. gloved1 - April 4, 2007

I think the kitty’s watching something on the screen that the Wii’s moving. Or they implanted a chip in its brain. By Occam’s Razor, I prefer the latter explanation.

2. Norman - April 4, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhh, that makes sense.

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