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v499 April 5, 2007

Posted by mebethe in Notes.

Notes from picture lock cut

Put your notes up on the blog fast

2 or 3 big things have to do with intercutting walk and talk after skinny dip, music in general, chain gang, differentiating between new things that are funny because they are new or because they are funny.

Ryan – thinks pacing is getting better

Jon – all the jokes are over written – and we are seeing how to tell the joke the quickest

Norm – much less fat in this film – sometimes I would like an extra beat or something

Ryan – laughed at rape beat

Tim – because the look was so bazaar

Norm – been after u to add that beat for ever

Ryan – he can be really happy – or none – or sad – so trying.

Norm – my note for that has been to always motivate David’s line – but if everyone is talking it is less of a punchline

Gordon – using one central score has brought the gelling and pacing

Norm – of course your section is different – number of ins and outs we will have to work on because it sticks out

Ryan – like the ending muic choice of wedding

Jon – after suicide attempts that piece of music

Sara – maybe I can take the music from Ryan’s suicide

Jon – I don’t like any of the Schmitt stuff we have in it – but if I’m in the minority – I think its good we have the orchestral stuff – so quirkey – like in the beach scene it slows it down.

Norm – any feelings for it

Tim – for that scene I think the spotting is off for it

Ryan – really like cue when david hits sand – fits well

Jon – also for driving montage up – feels if we were making this about 60 year olds it would be ok – but too old for 35 – would like to try Bernstein comedy score or something like that.

Norm – we can try – now we will have entire cut to try with

Norm – also this is the 2nd time we have scene that with just the frame of the flashbacks – do we like it

Class – yes

Norm – some mistakes in my continuity – but the major changes

Gordon – how did the skinny dipping feel

Jon – only one cut bothered me – the what career thing – the rest worked nicely – maybe u end with dana walking off

Norm – felt it didn’t’ work at all

Ryan – that is what I was trying to work at all

Norm – amt of intercutting felt like I didn’t feel either conversation – neither got emotionally going

Ryan – tryied to bring it back to conversation between elsa and David – otherwise get whole long thing

Norm – couldn’t get into ti

Jon – neither ever resonated with me, regardless, wanted to know if they resonate for anyone else?

Norm – could experiment with doing one less back and forth

Jon – follow up question – the tracking of Dana – before that she is walking along – could the intercutting go up to the point of the hiring explanation with Dana arguing

Norm – disagree with initial statement that she is good enough actress that she can act and not speak and is still interesting and can see things building

Sara – I felt like so many cuts, during song in forest – did you add anything?

Jon – I changed the way we get into david walking out to them – and changed timing of conversationi with Sheila – and then comprerssed dana’s line at the end of it – the timing of the cuts is almost the same

Ryan – there is one that is really short

Jon – on trumpet thing?

Wendy – I kind of like that scene – don’t’ mind its like a music video

Tim – magical forest of music world

Norm – you did find some of the nice pieces of them enjoying being together

Jon – can try something else

Norm – could try to get back to what u used to have – everything is a little different pace wise so it was different going into this stuff

Sara – just in that scene there were different cuts that it felt like it was one side of head to another that didn’t reveal something new – so it felt “cutty” – unless it’s a music vido…

Couple of places at dinner I get confused by geography.

Norm – now we are approaching fine cut – and these are one in a series you start asking yourself – sometimes that helps make a cut – where you turn for the audience – these are the fine cut things we will talk about.

Let me talk about a few other musical things – not wild about cue for girl in the mini

Wendy – yeah I’m pretty confused about that myself

Norm – one thing we are finding – that it has some quirky stuff in it – it plays emotions and when it is not genuine it is problematic. – not suggesting we bring out strings – but the placement of it – length – etc – is a factor – beginning starts in proper place but doesn’t feel emotional enough for me

Gordon –that particular piece almost feels too romantic – feels almost pining – takes that emotional beat and “wow he feel in love with that woman”

Norman – one thing I want to remind everyone – we have taken stuff out of the film – make sure that these are things that have deserved to DIE.



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