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Mira Nair and Allyson Johnson on THE NAMESAKE March 16, 2007

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Fox Searchlight has a discussion between Mira Nair, director, and Allyson Johndon, editor, talking about the editing of their new film — THE NAMESAKE.  You can check it out at their web site.


Great Interviews With Reality TV Editing March 14, 2007

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Last week we met David Michael Maurer, who has cut a lot in reality television. The latest Avid podcast interviews Liz Bronstein, who produces and edits Joe Millionaire. She discusses what she does as a Show Runner, how to shape story, how to manage footage and how she got into the business (along with how the roles of the editor are changing today). This goes along with their last podcast with Punk’d’s Bill Rainey.

Discussion of Digital Rights Management March 12, 2007

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There is a great discussion of DRM (Digital Rights Management) over on Philip Hodgett’s blog, in which he talks about how both Cory Doctorow, the Barenaked Ladies, and The Shins have actually increased the sales of their books and music (respectively) by making them available for free download on the Web.

He quotes Doctorow:

Most people who download the book don’t end up buying it, but they wouldn’t have bought it in any event, so I haven’t lost any sales, I’ve just won an audience. A tiny minority of downloaders treat the free e-book as a substitute for the printed book – those are the lost sales. But a much larger minority treat the e-book as an enticement to buy the printed book. They’re gained sales. As long as gained sales outnumber lost sales, I’m ahead of the game. After all, distributing nearly a million copies of my book has cost me nothing.

What’s interesting to me is how we are beginning to figure out how we will be using downloads to make money off of their intellectual property.

Great Podcast on the “How” of Reality Television (Punk’d) February 27, 2007

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The Avid company has a regular podcast with interviews with professionals in the field and educators. Their latest podcast is a really great one with Bill Rainey, Executive Producer of Punk’d. He talks about how he uses the technology to give himself a leg up. In the process he ends up talking a lot about how a show like that is done — how it’s conceived, shot and written (in the editing room). To listen to the podcast you can surf on over to the Avid Podcast page and look for Episode 7. The direct link to the episode can be found here.