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DVD Handouts April 11, 2007

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Here are a few handouts which might make the concept of our DVD workflow easier to understand and work with.

The first is a PDF of an Excel spreadsheet called Make A Bit Budget Spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheet is available from Bruce Nazarian’s excellent site on DVD creation called DVD4You at the documents area in his website.

There is also a PDF which is the DVD Plan of our project.


Back In the Old Days April 7, 2007

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Film Editing

Originally uploaded by filmingilman.

Just found this photo on Flickr, of someone playing with film. For those of you who’ve taken 546 or 535 this will look a bit familiar. For those of you who’ve taken 547, see what you’re missing!!

The photo was taken by Michael Gilman, from Toronto.

For those of you who haven’t explored Flickr, you owe yourself the trip. It’s basically a huge social network of people who have posted, and are continuing to post, their own photos — family, business, art, snapshots, et al. There is a wide assortment of quality, as well. However, the most important thing about Flickr, from our point of view, is that many of the photos are there under the Creative Commons license, which might allow you to use those particular photos for some of your films.

SHUT UP AND SING Opening March 25, 2007

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Our own beloved SHUT UP AND SING is opening in New York and Boston on April 27th. Bruce’s My Space page announces that it will plays at the Cinema Village East in NYC, and the Landmark Kendall Square in Boston.

In other news, the page also notes that the new title for the film is SING NOW or FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE. I’m not sure if this is a joke or not.

In another note, the film has Ben Folds as a friend on the MySpace page.  Should we use any of his music in the film?  🙂

Topics For Discussion This week March 18, 2007

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Here are some of the things that we should make sure we have time to talk about this week, after the full screening of V299. If you have any comments now, don’t hesitate to add them, even if it’s before the screening.

  1. Music. Let’s listen to what we’ve all done and figure out a plan for next week, to bring the music more together, and to make sure that we are consistent about where we use music.
  2. Style. We’re still not consistent about style — picture-in-picture, dissolves, how we treat flashbacks.

Congratulations On Your Editor’s Cut!!! March 2, 2007

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Bruce Leddy directing “David” and "Elsa" on SHUT UP AND SINGCongratulations on doing a smash-up job on your first cut of SHUT UP AND SING. I hope you realized how impressive the achievement is, and how much has changed in the time that you’ve been working on it.

And… how much still needs to be done.