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Music Suggestions April 1, 2007

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[NOTE: This is, more or less, the same content as the email I sent Sunday evening.]

I’ve given Sabi and Gordon some musical choices, and a number of you have likewise sent some cue possibilities.

Let’s put all of the new music choices into a common bin that everyone can access.  It will be good for talking points, but will also be good for reusing cues.  We probably don’t want to reuse cues, exactly, but if we settle on a musical style from a previous film, we can then get the rest of the cues from that film (if available) for everyone to us.  Someone will have to be a music supervisor, to make sure that we’re not using the same piece over and over and over again.



Comments on v399 (you should add yours to this post) March 30, 2007

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Main Titles
Now that we are about to lock, here’s a question. Is this the best idea for the lips? Are there any others that might be funnier.

Scene 1
I wonder if these are the best shots all the way through. there are one or two of them that seem sorta weak.

Scene 3-5
I wonder if we should lose David back in the bathroom and go right from him saying goodbye to Dana to death.

Death Walk
Music. We talked about it in class. I’ll try and send you a choice or two.

Everything needs to be super tightened in the walk. Go for the funniest moments and build up to the funniest, before he pushes into the office building. I think you’re initial instincts that the intersection stare is the funniest was correct. Bald-headed guy’s reaction is funny. Death walking by the hansom cab isn’t funny as long as it is.

Scene 11
This scene in the studio can be tightened up a little too — especially around the Producer’s reactions.


Congratulations on Today’s Cut!! March 29, 2007

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Shut Up And Sing — David and Dana walk and talkWow. It’s awesome to see how far this has gone in the short time you’ve been editing. Congratulations to all.

To reiterate something I said in class — now that we’re in the home stretch, we have to be careful about what we do. It would be crazy to do big drastic stuff. At this point, we should have narrowed down what it is we’re testing (this is, of course, the fallacy of this class — in the Real World, we’d really be only about 1/3 of the way through editing.

Still, it’s worth it for us to simulate a real locking situation. So, pat yourself on the back and get serious about re-examining what you’ve done (as you’ll see from some of my comments) . In many cases, I will go back and look at the first full cut (the editor’s cut, usually) again, just to remind myself of lines and scenes and actions that have been taken out, and see if I miss them now.

v399 March 29, 2007

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Notes 3/29/07

Norman – 7:30PM 4/5/07 IAVA (Invisible Art, Visible Artists) Cinematheque 108 – editors discuss their academy award winning films – and two will be live to discuss to your hearts content – or until it is time for them to go…


Great job stepping up to the editing task! Shows the way you are thinking on your own when editing.

We made decisions to remove flashbacks – what do we think? Good – consensus – did anyone miss it? Nope. (were there negative repercussions in any place?)

Gordon – still trying to make mine work – but I think it works because it strengthens it – feels it is like a book end instead.

Tim – the more I see you – seems like a lot more fun now because no more cutting back and forth.

Norman – need to work on music cut on Joy’s section.

Jon – one thing that bothers me on consider me gone – after Ted’s gotten fired – and he is front and center feeling like a million bucks – so that musical sequence kind of pulls me out of the narrative – puts the story on hold. And doesn’t start up again until after this.

Gordon – but we have this kind of rhythm of when they sing throughout – kinda of like it makes them feel better when they sing – (lost wife, lets sing)


SHUT UP AND SING Opening March 25, 2007

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Our own beloved SHUT UP AND SING is opening in New York and Boston on April 27th. Bruce’s My Space page announces that it will plays at the Cinema Village East in NYC, and the Landmark Kendall Square in Boston.

In other news, the page also notes that the new title for the film is SING NOW or FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE. I’m not sure if this is a joke or not.

In another note, the film has Ben Folds as a friend on the MySpace page.  Should we use any of his music in the film?  🙂

Comments on v299 (Add your comments here) March 23, 2007

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This is where you should be adding your comments back and forth on this cut. Remember that I expect to see at least two or three comments from each one of you.

Dana and Julep do seem whinier this time. We have to be careful to choose the reactions from them, and the line readings, that don’t reinforce this. Anything where they look more sympathetic to the boys, where they’re laughing with them, should be considered.

Scene 1
I’d like to see Dana earlier than we do right now. And remember, the cut to Dana only works when it comes off of a David look to her.

Scene 3-5
The “I’m dying” line sound odd. Can you look at this.

Scene 4/9
The music start sounds very abrupt.

Spooner/Death Walk
This is very very long. Once you pass the first one, just go for the joke and get out. The walk and then the look to the other pedestrian. A single wave and the cab passes. Etc.

Scene 14-16
The cut into Ted arguing with Sloan seems rather abrupt. Can we add a beat somewhere?

Scene 26
We were going to look at taking at the voice over and the flashback. This means that the music will change in how it begins, because I can’t imagine that it will hold for the full length. Remember that once we see the boys singing, it’s all about them happily singing together. They revel in these moments.


v299 March 22, 2007

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Notes 3/21


Sh*t happens – have backups – and check stuff out ahead of time. – flexibility and prep.



Hopefully we are all readying everyones notes


This upcoming weeks cut, v399,  is the only time to try “big” things.


1)      overall reactions

2)      music choices

3)      style and tone


addendum – please everyone blog a few times


1) overall reactions 

Sarah – don’t know if spooner’s career thing is solved – astro-physicist or not?  Loose end that feels weird.


Tim – mattered for me more last week – this week didn’t jump out as me as much.  Don’t’ know why?


Norm – is it because we talked about it last week, and we are tired of it, or is it from the new cutting from the dinner scene?


Ryan – strange that will chimes in with his conversation – but moot that spooner is serious or not


Gordon – his weirdness is brought out more – seems to be doing much more random things.


Norm – if we wanted to definitively answer – could we and what would the answer be?  What would most tell spooner’s story?


Jon – reason we may not think iabout it so much is because of  Julep’s reaction to his comment.


Wendy – speaking of which – Julep comes off more as a bitch – very self righteous and very demeaning – and bad dancer J  now she has more screen time more than will – and she is the date of a character we don’t  even care about (will)







Sarah – two places the emotions need to be upped for suicide and wedding.  Suicide maybe more close ups or something – wedding seems anti climatic – Richard gives long dialogue with no payoff – maybe more music throughout the piece would be better. 


Tim – scene was much better than last time – more back and forth between them and good mood shift.


Beth – with the suicide – if we lost shot where he goes to gun cabinet – make it more of a surprise?  Same with wedding – with Richard’s speech – when david comes in it’s like another ending – two endings


Norm – lets talk about the wedding in broad strokes

Ok we are here – he has paid attention to us guys and is not going to show up – oh wait he did show up – we are happy singing together – (no rocky points yet) – now we are in the toast – should wrap up underlying message of film – then we sing to toast to that.


Beth – The moment where ted gives not to trish is really strong – but then it gets weakened.


Norm – issue we need dealt with in terms of speech Richard gives – would like it always not directed to greg and kate and direct it to other people.


Gordon – no reactions from guys on speech –


Norm – then goes on really long time for him to talk – and seems longer than in previous cuts.  Maybe put less of song – shorten it –


Gordon – what if song went under the beginning of toast – feels like the toast needs some musical spotting.


Norm – feeling overall whenever we dissolve certain ways – get a sense of what we are doing styalistically.


Wendy – on wedding – when they are waiting could be shorter if we played it if greg is trying to disappear or not – now the audience knows he wasn’t going to ditch the wedding – maybe if it was different it may play a little better.


Norm – slowness of wedding came from slowness before it – could we cut deeper into NYTimes scene .

1)      play just bedroom no NYT 2) no interior of store 3) no NYT at all go from night into wedding.

What times of music – what about it?


Gordon – the a capella stuff they were not singing I had trouble with – made me step back from film.


Jon – joke with her listening to it was funny – but seemed to go on with death walking around.  Royal tennenbaums will think of the suicide note –


Ryan – likes the a capella songs – so like why would you not use that since it’s a movie about it


Sarah – agrees with Gordon.  Normal songs with lyrics felt intrusive.


Jon – don’t wanna drown out the real a capella songs.


Norm – for next cut – don’t do a capella stuff except when called for – and lets go for more traditional music score – supports emotionality of moment.

With the dream sequence it was not funny because the music took over to omuch – lets try and draw from common source – like tommy Newman.  Then we may find out it may need to mix it up some – who knows – will find out if its changed and we can  hear it.


Beth – the country song before wild things seemed to work though it wasn’t instrumental – seems to be needed there. 


Norm – the diagetic music – interesting that it came from her earbuds – ettc.


Ryan – flashbacks – with Richards flashback was very surprised and pulled him out of the movie – if you lose richard’s though you need to lose ted’s


Gordon – point of Richard’s – everything we get from song is in voice over – seems its in the song – so why have it?


Norm – so kill the VO and flashback?


Wendy – in this cut the elsa and rich set up in there.


Tim – for me the flashback worked for me.  Maybe I stand alone.


Norm – introducing valid point for conversation – do flashbacks or vo work in places other than in bookend places?  Lets see!  try experiment of the movie without the VO.

The USC Mafia March 20, 2007

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Here is a posting from a USC student’s blog that talks about How Things Work in the industry. Here is one quote:

When I clocked-out of job #1 and proceeded to clock-in at job #2, my depression lifted. Why? Well, my second job is coordinating the Screenwriting Department’s mentorship program. I have to call agents, forward them letters of request for so and so, and keep everyone in touch. It turns out that a majority of agents and agents’ assistants who were the most helpful, and the majority of mentors (i.e. writers, producers, showrunners) who said yes, were USC alum.

While we’re at it.  Here’s another blog which talks about the plusses and minuses of film school.  Now, since you’re already at film school, it would be good to pay attention to what he thinks are the ways to maximize it.   Here is one great quote that he has:

Here is the most important point to understand about film schools: they’re not going to tell you what to say in your films. Only you can decide that. Only your knowledge and life experience — your instincts, really — can do that.

Twitter March 20, 2007

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Image from the Schlager Lout blogIs anyone out there on Twitter? It’s a bit hard to describe in a way that doesn’t make the user sound like an idiot but it’s like IM’ing on your cel phone, but IMs that broadcast to large groups. Anything you type (up to 140 characters) gets broadcast to everyone who has chosen to “follow” you. People use it to diary their day.

The point is that it’s another example of social networking, a phenomenon which is already changing the way in which people recommend, view and choose their entertainment.

Important Message From Bethe!! March 19, 2007

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Hi All!

Welcome back to life! Don’t forget Norm put the notes up on the blog – so be sure and take a look before you submit your final sequence to me by noon on wed.

OK – I have a new request for this week in terms of naming – name your bin AND your sequence
[sequence num]_v299

for example both would be named – 1_v299 – if you had the first sequence in the movie.

Some of you did not properly name your bins/sequences last week – so please remember to name them correctly with this weeks system!

Thanks and have fun!