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The USC Mafia March 20, 2007

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Here is a posting from a USC student’s blog that talks about How Things Work in the industry. Here is one quote:

When I clocked-out of job #1 and proceeded to clock-in at job #2, my depression lifted. Why? Well, my second job is coordinating the Screenwriting Department’s mentorship program. I have to call agents, forward them letters of request for so and so, and keep everyone in touch. It turns out that a majority of agents and agents’ assistants who were the most helpful, and the majority of mentors (i.e. writers, producers, showrunners) who said yes, were USC alum.

While we’re at it.  Here’s another blog which talks about the plusses and minuses of film school.  Now, since you’re already at film school, it would be good to pay attention to what he thinks are the ways to maximize it.   Here is one great quote that he has:

Here is the most important point to understand about film schools: they’re not going to tell you what to say in your films. Only you can decide that. Only your knowledge and life experience — your instincts, really — can do that.


Twitter March 20, 2007

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Image from the Schlager Lout blogIs anyone out there on Twitter? It’s a bit hard to describe in a way that doesn’t make the user sound like an idiot but it’s like IM’ing on your cel phone, but IMs that broadcast to large groups. Anything you type (up to 140 characters) gets broadcast to everyone who has chosen to “follow” you. People use it to diary their day.

The point is that it’s another example of social networking, a phenomenon which is already changing the way in which people recommend, view and choose their entertainment.

Great Interviews With Reality TV Editing March 14, 2007

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Last week we met David Michael Maurer, who has cut a lot in reality television. The latest Avid podcast interviews Liz Bronstein, who produces and edits Joe Millionaire. She discusses what she does as a Show Runner, how to shape story, how to manage footage and how she got into the business (along with how the roles of the editor are changing today). This goes along with their last podcast with Punk’d’s Bill Rainey.

Great Podcast on the “How” of Reality Television (Punk’d) February 27, 2007

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The Avid company has a regular podcast with interviews with professionals in the field and educators. Their latest podcast is a really great one with Bill Rainey, Executive Producer of Punk’d. He talks about how he uses the technology to give himself a leg up. In the process he ends up talking a lot about how a show like that is done — how it’s conceived, shot and written (in the editing room). To listen to the podcast you can surf on over to the Avid Podcast page and look for Episode 7. The direct link to the episode can be found here.